Tuesday, November 01, 2005

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"by not giving up her seat to a white passenger on a city bus, Rosa parks started a protest that was felt throughout the United States.

I think this quote is important because it talks about what she did and what happend from there on and its a good thing that she did because its because of here now that everyone is sitting where they want on the bus.

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"Rosa Parks,the "mother of civil rights movement" was one of the most important citizens of the 20th century."

Rosa Parks was a great person to me because of what she did and the way she handeled her rights against her seat even though it was not her prperty but she had the rights to b there so in that case she showed me that no matter what happens you have to fight for your rights.
R.I.P -Rosa Parks-

I'm going to write about Rosa Parks for my project

This is whats going to talk about her.

This is the outline onb my paper.

A History
B Background
C Family/Childhood
D Boycott
E Segregation
F place
G Strike
H laws
I Alabama laws
J Civil rights act